Brooklyn International Highschool and BEAM

BIHS The Brooklyn International High School and the BEAM center came together to create a STEAM based collaboration that brings real world educational experiences into the New York City public high school class room. IEFRD consulted, designed and executed the flagship classes at the Brooklyn International High school for this collaboration, creating curriculum for three classes over two years: Electronics and Alternate energy, Programing fundamentals and bicycle repair. A focused pedagogical experience of hands on problem solving was created to introduce the students to not only the skills these 21st century technologies encompass but also the societal contexts these skills operate in. As well as programmatic design IEFRD consulted on the design and structure of the new physcomp/maker lab opening at BIHS 2016.

The Brooklyn International High School's mission is to help English Language Learners (ELLs) to develop their language, intellectual, cultural, and collaborative abilities so that they may become active participants in today’s interdependent world.

The BEAM center is a Brooklyn-based community of learning where artists guide young creators aged 6 to 18. Our hands-on programs in technology, imagination and craft help young people build their character, courage to think for themselves, and capacity for collaboration and invention.