Machining CNC Machining and Metal-Working

Pneumatic Bank Mechanical and Pneumatic Systems

Custom Plastic Enclosures Plastics and Wood-Working

IEF R&D has an extensive knowledge of the fabrication process from 3D modeling, mechanical system design, mechanism simulation and CNC processes to mold making and high end woodworking. Our fabrication capabilities include welding, metal working, machining, CNC milling, vacuum forming, woodworking, mold making and casting.

On top of our in-house capabilities IEF R&D is part of an extensive network of local specialty fabrication and machine shops that allow us to provide accurate quotes and timely services for powder coating, finishing, CNC routing or manufacturing of large quantities.

Fabrication is an often overlooked component of the development process of a new design, but in our years of experience at IEF R&D we have seen the vital impact ruggedisation and weather-proofing have on the overall success of the end solution, system or product.

With a broad in-house knowledge base of fabrication techniques we are able to identify and troubleshoot operational or design issues in real time since the majority of the fabrication processes occur in house, which ultimately allows for a much more efficient and cost effective development.

The in-house attention to detail and precision that are part of IEF R&D's development process are very well suited for original projects and systems and have proven to produce a more informed and better functioning device with less development time and cost.