Eagle CAD Layout Board Layout and Schematics

GPS Tracking Board M2M and Embedded Hardware

PCB Assembly PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

At IEF R&D one of the primary focuses is hardware and networked M2M devices, GPS based tracking devices and embedded systems. IEF R&D provides a complete range of hardware and electronic engineering services. From board design and CAD services to PCB manufacturing, surface mounting and assembly, IEF R&D can design and build the ideal hardware solution for your needs.

Many organizations feel that the hardware development process is too costly and time consuming to consider, but with IEF R&D's incremental development strategy our open platforms allow you to get a custom device for your application in an extremely time and cost effective manner. We do this by focusing on the development of platforms which address the needs of multiple organizations and users allowing us to incrementally develop and tailor our hardware to your needs instead of developing from scratch each time, reducing labor hours and overall development costs. To achieve this and to stay faithful to our mission, we Open Source our developed hardware whenever possible to turn the hardware into a development platform and place for a community to grow.

Hardware development is key to providing a cost effective solution to your organization's needs and with M2M deployment projected to reach 2.1 billion M2M connected devices in 2020, the continued development of a viable open M2M platform is not only feasible but is becoming necessary for many organizations and their problems.