IEF R&D's workshop is located in Queens, New York and consists of a 2400 sq ft of space that offers a fully equipped metal working, wood working, welding and electronics facility. With 13+ years working experience in custom fabrication, engineering and design in New York IEF R&D has a rapid manufacturing network to help individuals and companies realize their unique solutions faster and more cost effectively.

IEF R&D thrives on taking new challenges and developing A-through-Z custom solutions for them. The practice of transforming an idea or concept into a physical product or application can be complex, involving research, cost analysis and feasibility assessments, multiple rounds of prototyping, fabrication and user & field testing.

Thanks to the company's broad range of experience, IEF R&D offers services ranging from design and critical thinking to production, testing and manufacturing of your solution. Below are some of the services that IEF R&D offers to help you and your company bring a unique idea to market.