Assembly Code Embedded Software

Mapping Application Data Aggregation and Visualization

Motion Tracking Application Vision Tracking and Gesture Control

IEF R&D specializes in embedded programming, mobile and data transmission and aggregation platforms, we also provide a code base for a wide range of applications such as GPS tracking, gesture recognition, vision tracking and stand alone interactive applications. Although we specialize in embedded devices thanks to our in-house team and external collaborators, we are able to offer competitive solutions for a broad range of software challenges from mobile platforms and Web based applications to database management, Open GL and Desktop Applications.

Software development comes in many forms from back-end server daemons and embedded machine code to front end and UI graphic interfaces/visualizations. With the numerous platforms, APIs, Libraries and OSs out there there is a lot of functional overlap and redundancy. One of the major focal points of IEF R&D's software development strategy is to focus on Open and well supported code bases and platforms as well as on implementing accessible original code. We research long term goals and overall lifespan of any application before selecting a platform, giving the project a better chance for easier and more cost effective development down the road.

IEF R&D provides much of the developed code as Open Source and available for download from GitHub focusing on ways to turn individual code bases into public platforms through open source techniques. The IEF R&D code is avialible from the Ground Lab's Github pending updating and transfer.

Some of the Programming Languages and Platforms:

Assembly, C, C++, Pic BASIC, Embedded C, G-code, Arduino IDE, Wiring, Java, PHP, Processing, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, Asterisk, Vision Tracking (open CV), Motion Capture, GPS Tracking, Max/Msp Jitter, VVVV, Open Frameworks, PostScript, Python, Unix Shell, emmbeded linux.