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IEF R&D is a Design, Engineering and Fabrication company focused on developing innate solutions to social & technological challenges.

IEF R&D LLC founder and principle, Justin Downs has over 12 years experience as an independent contractor and business owner. He has worked globally on technology development, design, analysis, prototyping and fabrication all over the world, from research camps in Kenya & field testing GSM communications in Mali to large scale public projects in Stockholm, London & New York. Over the years, Justin has built partnerships with many international organizations, such as the United Nations, UNICEF, the Earth Institute and the Modi Research Group at Columbia University. He develops and builds Open Source technology devices such as a medical datalogger for health clinics in Uganda, a logic board for a smart solar system in Mali, and field testing cellphone based lion tracking collars to locate the last remaining lions in the wild in Kenya for the Living With Lions Trust and The Lion Guardians Program as well as design and engineering for artist like David Byrne and design firms such as Thinc design.

In addition to field experience a background in theory has been leveraged in creating business and development strategies for Ground Lab LLC a R&D company he co-founded (2008-2012), as well as open hardware development for social change. This critical practice also has produced articles for publications like the Huffington Post, Open Source Journal and lectures and workshops for institutions such as WCS (NYC), the Earth Institute at Columbia, EyeBeam (NYC) and Princeton's Mechanical Engineering Department (NJ).

His work and projects have been noted in many publications from Fast Company and the New York Times to OpenSource.com. FULL CV in PDF format.

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